Exterior Signage

All of Landmark Architectural Signs exterior signs and sign components are UL Listed and built to last. We provide monuments, pylon signs, channel letters, logos, post and panel signs, dimensional lettering, architectural lighting components, exterior wayfinding structures, neon and LED lighting applications, banners, construction site signs, etc.

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Interior Signage

Landmark Architectural Signs produces a wide variety of interior sign services. Interior sign types we manufacture include architectural elements, room identification signs, donor recognition walls, hall of fame walls, interior lobby and conference room pieces. We can custom fabricate anything to match your interior architecture and color scheme. We offer sign planning and wayfinding services to ease the use of your facilities through well-planned sign locations while meeting the most current ADA guidelines.

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Service Plans

Landmark Architectural Signs offers service plans to keep your signs looking great and in excellent operating condition year round. Regular routine maintenance and cleaning not only keeps your signs looking great, but can help extend the life of your sign. Please contact us to discuss.

Service & Repair

Whether you have a single location or many locations nationwide, we will handle your service needs. We are a one call service center that will respond to your service needs at any location within 72 hours at a competitive rate. That is our guarantee.


We are always looking at the latest technology available to make signs better. While we use neon in many sign applications, we along with most of the sign industry have moved into using LED technology as the lighting source of choice in today’s sign environment. LED technology is more energy efficient compared to neon. It has also become very affordable as well as versatile in color selection and brightness.

We still use fluorescent lamps in larger applications such as pylon signs, although today, we use electronic ballasts that last longer and use less energy than previous generations. LED technology in larger signs is also becoming a viable alternative. We also use exterior rated T-8 lamps which use less energy than traditional fluorescent lights.

Landmark Signs is on the forefront in using solar energy to illuminate signs. We have been working with several clients who recognize the need to utilize the sun’s resources. Most people think that solar options are pipe dreams that are too expensive to implement into their sign programs. Contrary to that old school thinking, we actually have solar projects that have less initial costs than their traditional alternative.